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How does it work?

The Playbook is intended to serve as a repository for common knowledge and learning inside Icalia Labs’ organization. Wheter you work here or not, use the playbook to improve the practices and processes across your own organization.


Guides are broad guidelines and recommendations for different aspects of the company’s endeavors. Practical advice that you can follow right away, or mix up with your own preferred practices.

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Standardized processes for common and/or proprietary activities inside the company (e.g. workshops, code and design reviews, and so on). Just follow the steps, and enjoy the proven and validated results 👌


Templates or other forms of actionable materials, ready to be used in order to properly follow any guide or recipe (e.g. cheat sheets, presentation templates, survey and form templates, and so on)

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They are all connected, it depends on what kind of help you are looking for 😉

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